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Splendid Points


How do I get my Splendid points?

  • Splendid points are awarded with each registration 
  • Splendid points are awarded for each purchase
  • Splendid points are not awarded for delivery charges


How is Splendid points computed?

For every dollar that customers spent, you'll get back 2% rebates via Splendid points. For instance, for every $10 purchase, customers are awarded with 200 Splendid points worth S$0.20. Every 1000 Splendid points is equivalent to $1.00


How do I use my Splendid points?

Customers can use their Splendid points upon checkout, to offset part or entire order. Customers can also use their Splendid Points to exchange for items, as and when available. Splendid points are available for use only on minimum order of $30.00


If the order exceeds S$30 but after offsetting the Splendid points falls below S$30, free delivery still applies?

Splendid points are useable for all products within our shopping site including promotional or sales items.
Delivery charges cannot be offset using the Splendid points


Is there any expiry dates for Splendid points?

All Splendid points issued will have 12 months duration.


Is there any promotions on Splendid points?

Occasionally, we'll introduce new and promotional items which can only be exchanged via Splendid points. Do check us out as often to optimise your Splendid points or subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with us.